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John confirming that he is not Jesus, but one crying in the wilderness. John  baptising Jesus and Jesus receiving the holy ghost.   Jesus starts to call his disciples to follow him.  Jesus, together with his mother, his brothers and his disciples, traveling to Capernaum.  Jesus entering a temple and, appalled by the holy place being used as a place of trade, he rebuked the congregation, overthrowing tables and chairs.
Jesus reiterating the indismissible requirement for us to repent and baptise, else we shall not see heaven. Even  Jesus, born of the spirit of God and human flesh, had to baptise to become holy and fit for heaven.
Jesus teaching all the people, telling them that the harvest is now and that they must reap that which they have not sown: accept his Gospel.  He teaches them that the churches can not save hem (4:23) and that they must follow him, Jesus, to find salvation. Jesus performing miracles.
Jesus curing a ill man, telling him to take his bed and go. The Jews rebuking Jesus for this act on the Sabbath day and Jesus yet again telling them about his authority to do this. Earlies Jesus answered that the Sabbath was made for men and not vise-versa.

In Chapter 6 we read how Jesus divided three loafs and two fish between several thousand people, plenty being left after all have been satisfied.  Jesus referring to the manna which God fed to the Jews during their journey through the dessert.
Jesus quoting some of his heaviest metaphors, baffling the listening sceptics.  Jesus telling the spectators that only those who God sends to his shall become Christians and enter heaven.  Having said this, many of his disciples depart from him, but not the twelve he had chosen.

Jesus tells us yet again that the world shall hate those who preach the true Gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

People speculate about who and what Jesus is. Many declare him a prophet, "The Prophet" they quote, referring to the Messiah of how God has told them in the old testament, not understanding that this was the son of God: Christ.

Jesus teaching the Jews not to judge others upon their sins, for they themselves have sin. Thus the Jews are told not to stone a adulterer for her offence, eventhough this is written in the law of the old testament.
Jesus convincing many people that he speaks the truth.

John: 8:40-59 Jews yet again taking stones to throw at Jesus and Jesus flees out of the temple.
John: 9.6 Jesus, with clay anointing a blind man, thus curing him.
The Pharisees threatening  the people  not to acknowledge that Jesus is The Christ (son of God).


John: 10: Jesus preaching that he is the Christ and the Jews arguing with him, opposing his explanations, rejecting him.
Jesus reveals the reward of those that follow him and the way of the crooked, like the imposters posing as christians etc.

John 11: Jesus re-calls Lazarus from death.
The chief priest and the pharisees putting a warrant on Jesus.

Jesus announcing his death, explaining that he has come to die, because he revealed to us how to receive remission for our sins and everlasting live in heaven: thus he died for out sins.

Jesus preparing his Apostles for his departure, praying for them also. Then  Jesus is delivered to the high priest by Judas.

Jesus  is brought to Pilate.

Jesus is crucified ,  buried and resurrected.

After his ressurection,  Jesus appears thrice.



The eleven Apostles choosing a replacement for Judas:
ACT  1: 26  And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

Apostles performing wonders through the Holy Ghost.

The hypocritical Jewish clergy being shut up by the Apostles on the doctrine of Christ.

In Acts 4:18  the  Apostles are prohibited to preach the Gospel, but they refuse and proceed to pray, and the place is shaken and they are filled with the Holy Ghost.

Jesus manifesting his existance with miracles he performed through the Apostles. We read how two of those who were then called by the Holy Ghost to surrender their possesions to the  'True Church' but cheated in the act, dropped dead and were buried.

The great pesecution of Christians, them being exiled ot Judea and Samaria; Saul haling  people and imprisoning them.
Peter and John entering Samaria and praying for the baptized  converts to receive the Holy Ghost, for thus far none of them had received it.

Simon offering  money in return for the Holy Ghost.

Read all the pages covered thus far and   post any questions to me.

To be continued.....

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