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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell.

Damion Bennett, like Bishop Chris Bennett, is an alias of Child molester convict: Damion Christopher Bennett  (his real name).   Damion S. C. Bennett  (his current alias).

Former address: Coweta Apartments on 12th Avenue in Phenix City, Alabama: USA.

This is the fake Atlanta Bishop convicted of sodomy on a 14-year-old and charged with conspiring to murder the child, after he was charged. See his pictures.

International Kingdom Church

His new church name, now 2019, in the making. Yet nowhere to be found.

Involved with: Gospel JA 91.7 FM  -

New false name:  Damion S. C. Bennett.  The 'S' is fictive. See his Criminal Record. does not mention his Rapsheet! obtained as Bishop of men.

Fake bio:  
From those miserably designed websites he continues to target the fools among negro's,
and anyone else he can catch!

Now, according to ( involved with:

Living Word Center, Newark

289 Orange St

Newark, New Jersey

Get Directions

Call +1 877-697-3077

SINCE 2019

Chris Bennett, Damion Bennett, Chief Apostol Damion Bennett, Damion S. C. Bennett ( the 'S' is a fake). Real name: Damion Christoper Bennett: pervert convict!

Apostolic covering is the method in which Bishop Damion C. Bennett offers spiritual oversight to dumb pastors and empty-headed leaders who'd end-up at his place.  He boasts of experience.
A lot of his experience as a sodomy/rape convict, no doubt!
His rapsheet
, obtained through sodomy and attempted murder of a 14 y.o. boy whe he was a Bishop in Atlanta .

His form for fools to part with their money!

FULL STORY ON FALSE MINISTER DAMION BENNET, AND HIS ASSOCIATES, ON THIS PAGE He seeks attendants for his: ''Elevate Your Life Dominion Conference' in Jamaica.

NOW 2018

Damion Bennett (Bishop Convict: Damion Christopher Bennett)

Is building National Headquarters for The Kingdom Church in:

Jamaica - Nigeria - Ghana - South Africa - Tanzania - Liberia

Note, the donations email is paypal and still from his pre-conviction time as fake bishop 'Chris Bennett Ministries'.


He was CEO of Chris Bennett Ministries and involved with Generation Impact Movement.
His domains under Chris Bennett ministries are all on inactive, ever since his arrest in 2007:,   still active:

This fake can be seen here:

Damoin Bennett Ministries is one of his new trading names. The title 'Bishop' he changed to 'Chief Apostle'

His new names and domains:
Chief Apostle Damion Bennett
Higher Power Outreach Church.
New Destiny Fellowship
Greater Works International Fellowship in Kingston, Jamaica. (active) (active)

The only person he has as favorite on Facebook is a young thing named 'Clement':

New Contact Details
Telephone: 876.798.2602
WhatsApp:  334.489.8641

Old junk, relics of Fako Damion Bennett his pre-conviction act!
World Impact Church is unregistered and the .com version is for sale. not registered!
Chris Bennett Ministries

Bishop Chris Bennett
421 Ironwood Road • Notasulga, Alabama 36866 • United States • 4048835823 • (dead website of this homosexual convict who sodemized a 14-year-old boy).

Chris Bennett Ministries

Update Company Profile
P.O. Box 3195, Atlanta, Georgia, 30302, United States View Map



Read about Fake preacher of men John Gray of  Fake  Relentless Church!

...And The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It
Through the ages Catholics and other Nicolaitians tried to defy the above quotation by Jesus, oppressing and murdering many,
deceiving and misleading many more, but they have not and shall not prevail against 'His Church'.

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"Con-preachers know that, would the Gospel mean what it says,
they will have to convince the fools amongst us that it says what they mean."Cliff HCC"

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