Damion Christopher Bennett


Bishop Chris Bennett,

Chief Apostle Damion Bennett =

Child Molester

Damion Christopher Bennett 


ATLANTA BISHOP CONVICTED OF CHILD MOLESTATION IS RAISING FUNDS, TARGETING THE DUMB AMONGST BLACKS ACROSS THE WORLD  Chris Bennett and ‘Apostle’ Damion Bennett = Damion Christopher Bennett: The Sodomy Convict, who at the time of his sexual offence claimed to be a baptized person and was a church Bishop.  AND HE DID PLEAD GUIILTY!

This is the fake Atlanta Bishop convicted of sodomy on a 14-year-old and charged with conspiring to murder the child, after he was charged.

What minister can call his self a CHIEF  APOSTLE?  BLASPHEMY!  A Sodomy Convict? 
Read the perverted meaning of the term: Apostle. No Christian would abuse this name, for they are mere servants of God!
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State Criminal Record of Bishop Damion Christopher Bennett


He was CEO of Chris Bennett Ministries and involved with Generation Impact Movement.
His domains old domains are all on inactive, ever since his arrest in 2007:
kingdompeople.org, chrisbennett.org   still active: newdestinyfellowship.org
A fake assembly with numerous persons who call them selfs ‘Apostles’.  Also: Higher Power Outreach Church.

Sodomy Charged Christopher Bennett vanished from the radar in 2007 to suddenly appear again in 2018.
In February 2008 he was convicted and sentenced for 3.1 years on the sodomy charge.
He also was charged with trying to find a hitman to kill the victim. But no news to be found on the conclusion of this charge.


Sodomy Charge on Damion Christopher Bennett 

Sodomy Charge on Damion Christopher Bennett

African 69 Entertainment promotes Sodomy Charged Bishop Chris Bennett



They get caught and jailed, then, after their release, they claim to have become new or that they are innocent of the crime: but those who know the Gospel will understand that his is not possible for a person who has repented and baptised: and the worldly title of Bishop makes no exemption for any person!

Were it possible, sin after baptism is certain death!  Only transgressions shall be forgiven.  So, if this fake Bishop Damion Christopher Bennett ever was baptised after  true repentance (and he surely was not) then now he is a condemned pedo-sodominte!

HEB  10: 26  For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, 
HEB  10: 27  But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.

Knowledge of the truth we gain through going through the process: faith, repentance, baptism: after that we experience the new ‘us’ and the reception of the holy ghost. Did we doubt before this, then now we have experienced the truth.  Repentance is a sacrifice, baptism is the closing of the deal with God, but these two are one: for without the one the other has no meaning and no effect.

Homosexual Convict Bishop Chris Bennett is targeting Jamaica and Nigeria (Real name: Damion Christopher Bennett)

According to Nairaland.com , Bishop Chris Bennett received his Bachelors in Pastoral Studies, his Masters in Educational Leadership and his doctorate in Leadership.

He supposedly was baptized in Jesus’ Name and filled with the Holy Ghost on November 19, 1988 in Hartford, Connecticut.
His ministry, which supposedly is headquartered in Jamaica is supposedly committed to the goal of serving believers with the highest level of spiritual care.

But they omit that he sexually abused a 14-year-old boy in 2004 and was convicted for this in 2008 and sentenced to 3.1 years. Besides he faced a charge of attempting to hire a hitman to kill the 14 year old boy, so that he could not testify against him, and thus was also convicted for this crime and served a total of 8.2 years.

Such a person can never have received the Holy Ghost and this person Damion Christopher Bennett was never baptized and never a Christian, but always a conman. Education makes nobody a Christian!  The Apostle were all  common man without this nonsense education we hear about in the Christian arena.  It seems these fake ministers are educated in everything but the Gospel they claim to preach.

Bishop Damion Christopher Bennett
421 Ironwood Road • Notasulga, Alabama 36866 • United States • 4048835823 •
http://www.chrisbennett.org (dead website of this homosexual convict who sodomized a 14-year-old boy).

Fake Christianity Rules! For, surely: many are called, but few are chosen!


Bishop Chris Bennett
421 Ironwood Road • Notasulga, Alabama 36866 • United States • 4048835823 •
http://www.chrisbennett.org (dead website of this homosexual convict who sodemized a 14-year-old boy).

Chris Bennett Ministries

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